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Book Recommendation|图书馆每周好书推荐(六)

Circle of Magic series: Sandry’s book





《桑德里的书》是《魔法圈》系列的第一本。 此书以桑德瑞琳夫人,她很孤独,她很害怕被护士用魔法把自己藏在一个小储藏室里以保护她免受天花暴发和暴动的村民的伤害开头,开展了一段关于魔法的故事... ...

A Brief Introduction to the Author of Circle of Magic series: Sandry’s book


Tamora Pierce is an American writer of fantasy fiction for teenagers,

known best for stories featuring young heroines.She made a name for herself with her first book series,The Song of the Lioness,which followed the main character Alanna through the trials and triumphs of training as a knight. Pierce won the Margaret A. Edwards Award from the Young 

Adult Library Services Association of the American Library Association 

in 2013.

塔莫拉·皮尔斯(Tamora Pierce)是美国青少年小说的作家,以年轻女英雄故事闻名。






Introduction of Circle of Magic series: Sandry’s book


With her gift of weaving silk thread and creating light, Sandry is brought to the Winding Circle community. There she meets Briar, a former thief who has a way with plants; Daja, an outcast gifted at metal craft; and Tris, whose connection with the weather unsettles everyone, including herself. At Winding Circle, the four misfits are taught how to use their magic – and to trust one another. But then disaster strikes their new home. Can Sandry weave together four kinds of magical power and save herself, her friends, and the one place where they’ve ever been accepted?


凭借编织丝线和创造光的天赋,桑德里被带到了Winding Circle社区。 在那儿,她遇到了Briar,一个曾对植物种植很有一套的小偷。 Daja,拥有金属工艺制造天赋的流浪者; 特里斯,其与天气的联系使所有人(包括她自己在内)都感到不安。 在这个社区中,这四个不常规的人被教授如何运用他们的魔术,以及如何相互信任。 但是随后灾难袭来了他们的新家。 桑德里可以将四种神奇的力量编织在一起,拯救自己、朋友以及曾经收留他们的地方吗?

The reason to recommend Circle of Magic series: Sandry’s Book


The Circle of Magic series, which begins with Sandry's Book, is a fresh look at the fantasy trope of students at magic school. Sandry, the main character, has a special kind of magic: she can control thread and fabric. This may not sound like much, but as she learns how to use her power and makes friends with three students who have equally unusual talents, she finds amazing ways to use her ability for good. All four of the magic students are separated from their families by traumatic circumstances. While studying "ambient magic" or craft magic, they form a new family of their own.

                                               --------Lee (librarian)


从《桑德利的书》开始的“魔术圈”系列,是对魔术学校学生幻想的全新诠释。 主角桑德里(Sandry)具有一种特殊的魔力:她可以控制线和织物。 这听起来可能稀松平常,但是当她学习如何使用自己的能力并与三名同样具有非同寻常才能的学生交朋友时,她发现了惊人的方法来善用自己的能力。 受创伤的情况,所有四个魔术学生都与家人分离。 在研究“环境魔术”或工艺魔术时,它们形成了自己的新家族。


“Pierce has created an excellent new world where magic is a science…and populated it with a cast of well-realized characters. Teens will eagerly await the planned sequels.”


“皮尔斯创造了一个极好的新世界,魔幻就是一门科学……并在其中填充了许多易于理解的角色。 青少年将热切等待计划的续集。”

First in a series, this is a rich and satisfying read.

--Kirkus Reviews

The action is swift, the fantasy world nicely defined, and the ending will leave readers wanting more, With a multicultural cast and enough gender role-reversal to make a lot of people happy,this is a promising first title in a series.



--Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books




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